#FocusandFate is all about that dance between absolute self-responsibility and absolute surrender. All within the context of Service to the world.

For whatever reason, some of us are deeply committed to reducing the suffering of all beings on this planet, and nurturing the conditions from which Love may grow.

And in order to be the most effective at serving, you must simply be who you are. And when you are who you are, you are vital and alive. Even amidst difficulty and challenge.

When you are vital and alive, you are sharing your gifts. When we are afraid to share our gifts, we are doing the people who need your vitality and inspiration, a disservice.

So! We must recondition ourselves into having the confidence to share our gifts!

Drawing from expressive arts, authentic movement, emotional processing and Integral Philosophy, these workshops and meet ups are designed to help you get to the core of your gifts and your blocks, so you can SHOW UP as your highest self, and SERVE.

I have EXTREMELY high standards of who I feel confident in workshop facilitation. So you can know, that if I’ve brought a facilitator in, that they are mature, responsible and extremely effective at what they do.




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